451 Broadway

About the Chest

The Wizard’s Chest is moving to a new castle!

The Wizard’s Chest is excited to opened its brand new castle at 451 Broadway in December 2015. The 230 Fillmore store in Cherry Creek North is now closed and torn down for a new building in Cherry Creek.

Progress Diary, December 7 – Open!

We were able to open our doors on Tuesday, December 1, 2015! Come on down and visit the NEW Castle!


Progress Diary, November 26 – Closer!

Yes, this update was not soon enough. Yes, we are getting close to being open. Yes, we have included a couple of teaser images – but there are so many things that we want to show you. We do not want to spoil anything, however so you will just have to come see the exciting items that await!


Progress Diary, November 7 – Details!

We are beginning to add the distinctive details that will make the Castle special. Decorative panels on the stairwell and the hedge maze being painted on the ramp. When we open, make sure to look for the various images incorporated inside the maze!


Progress Diary, October 26 – Color!

The first colors have been painted on the store’s walls, slatwall is being hung, and the bathrooms are being tiled. The castle is beginning to transform into the scenic wonderland we envision!


Progress Diary, October 17 – Continued Progress!

Drywall is being hung and painting has begun. Fixtures are being made and tile is being laid. We cannot wait until we can invite you inside!


Progress Diary, October 5 – Stairs!

You’ve seen the ramp and you’ve seen the holes in the floor – now you can see the stairs heading down to the bottom level. More finishing details are being worked out and progress continues!


Progress Diary, September 29 – Filling In the Space

Walls are being finished and the spaces in the store are begin defined. We will soon be able to decorate and begin the process of making the store magical!


Progress Diary, September 12 – More Walls

Construction on the walls continues upstairs, details on carpet and flooring are being decided, accessibility throughout the store is being finalized…let the momentum continue!


Progress Diary, September 5 – Taking Shape

Walls are being built and the various areas of the store are being defined…bathrooms, offices, special events rooms. We are excited construction has begun and cannot wait until we can decorate the various rooms for your enjoyment!


Progress Diary, September 1 – Construction Begins

Creating space for fire exits and access to the bottom floor are very important improvements to the building. The pictures show the new exits in the back wall of the building and the construction of the ramp to the lower level (including some storage area under the ramp).


Progress Diary, August 25 – Two Floors!

To maximize the potential of the new building at 451 Broadway, we wanted to use both the main floor and the basement for our customer experience. The pictures show the holes that have been cut in the floor of the main level that will become stairs and the ramp leading to the level below.


Progress Diary, August 21 – The Long Wait

As anyone who lives in Denver realizes, there is a great deal of construction happening in the city. From what we were told, there were a record number of building permits applied for with the City in the last two months. As part of this process, we are patiently waiting our turn. This week we received approval for our building plans and should have our official permit today. We look forward to showing you the progress inside and outside The Castle as it develops over the coming months.

Progress Diary, July 28 – Concept Model


Progress Diary, July 14 – Blueprints Teasers


Progress Diary, July 7 – Demolition


Concept Drawing of the New Storefront


Official Press Release

“We have treasured our years in Cherry Creek, but we are bursting at the seams in our current space. In order to better serve our customers, we need to expand. When the Broadway location became available, we realized it was an opportunity that we couldn’t pass up.”

The Cherry Creek North store is a two-level, 8,000 square-foot space complete with a castle storefront, drawbridge and wizard out front, welcoming customers since 1982. Upon opening, the Broadway store will also feature the familiar castle storefront and welcoming wizard – but the interior will open up to more than 12,000-square feet of toys, games, costumes, theatrical makeup, accessories, books, puzzles, stuffed animals, novelty gifts and magic. The Denver icon now invites its loyal customers and curious newcomers to discover the magic at the new Broadway store.

For more than 30 years, The Wizard’s Chest has been lucky to have generations of families that have filled the store with laughter and joy. Its success can be attributed to the willingness of the owners, management and staff to constantly provide the best service and products to their customers. The Wizard’s Chest will bring the same storefront, magic, and customer service to its new castle on Broadway.